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PVD coating systems

Our PVD systems for your coatings!


Your innovative PVD solution provider

Customized PVD coating systems and PVD coatings - Passion for PVD


Decorative and functional effect layers

Modern PVD coatings for a wide range of applications


11 million coins

...and the story is just beginning!

Innovative PVD systems, PVD components and PVD layer development


Your advantage = Our goal.


With our innovative PVD systems and PVD components, we want to enable better, more efficient, more cost-effective PVD processes that are suitable for mass production.

Our maxim “Passion for PVD” aims to provide an affordable and technically mature solution for every possible application. Only then can PVD, as a green technology that protects people and the environment compared to competing technologies (e.g. electroplating), realize its full potential and lead to truly more sustainable production processes, which are crucial for a sustainable and resource-saving manufacturing industry.

It is important to us that the complex PVD process is
simplified and made absolutely understandable and accessible
to the customer.

Romain WaidelichPVD is Passion
PVD Beschichtungen von INORCOAT - Die Schönheit liegt im Auge des Betrachters.

You would like to get to know us already at this point?

With pleasure!

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Standard Batch PVD Beschichtungssysteme von INORCOAT.

Our core competencies at a glance:

Your PVD application

System solutions for your industry

Your PVD

Modular standard & customized solution

Your PVD coating

Research and development of customized PVD coatings

Your PVD components

Magnetron sputter and linear ion sources.

PVD industry solutions from INORCOAT


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Tabletting tools

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Coins / Minting dies

Banknotes / Printing plates

Knives / Blades


High performance coatings

Optics and glass industry

PVD coating systems

Passion for PVD

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Standard PVD coating systems from INORCOAT

We offer standard batch PVD systems that can be configured modularly to meet the needs of your application.

Perfect partner for laboratory and R&D!

The intelligent and open MS-lab with intuitive PVD Pro software is specially designed for the development of specific PVD coatings.

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Your PVD system – Made compact

The economical entry into high quality PVD coating! Excellent for individual and flexible coating of small series and batches.

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PVD system solution – Flexible brilliance

The MS 1000 from INORCOAT offers high performance in a small footprint. Most different coatings and PVD variations can be implemented quickly.

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Your PVD Partner – The Allround Talent!

Very accessible workspace, great versatility and the unique software make the MS 1400 an exceptional athlete with many talents!

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The PVD 24/7 Performance Center

The flagship of INORCOAT convinces with strong performance at highest flexibility. The PVD performance center is YOUR partner for industrial large series.

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Customized PVD coating systems from INORCOAT!

From the planning phase to testing under production conditions, we design a customized PVD solution in close cooperation with you.

Our customer-oriented focus here is on the following features:

  • Profitability
  • Productivity
    Ergonomics for operators and service
  • Flexible, modular expandability
  • Future-proof technology and interfaces

Coating lines from INORCOAT offer customer-specific expandability due to their modular design.

Together with you, we configure the PVD system perfectly tailored to your individual requirements for your production.

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INORCOAT PVD coatings - your advantage!

We are your partner when it comes to developing your PVD coating and the associated process.

We give you access to our pilot and test coating facilities as well as our high-end measurement and testing equipment to provide proof of concept. We shorten the time to develop and manufacture the most economical and efficient PVD production process.

We build your system and support you in ramping up your production. We are also happy to take over your coating production.


We develop your PVD coating!

The INORCOAT PVD development laboratory works with state-of-the-art PVD systems, measurement and control systems to develop customized solutions.

PVD Research & Development



INORCOAT PVD contract coating

Your partner for the perfect PVD coating

With our modern and flexible on-site PVD equipment, we offer medium to high volume production for a variety of products and applications.

PVD job coating


Innovative PVD components for first-class coatings

The heart of PVD processing – magnetron and linear ion sources from INORCOAT

PVD components from INORCOAT - Efficient heartbeat!

We offer a unique technology portfolio for your coatings.

We offer a wide range of PVD sources for different materials and processing methods. Whether magnetron sputter sources, linear ion sources – together with you we will find the optimal configuration for every application.

All PVD components used in INORCOAT PVD systems are low-maintenance, long-lasting and extremely efficient.

  • You are planning your unique PVD project?
  • You want to upgrade or convert your existing PVD system to INORCOAT components?

INORCOAT PVD Magnetron Sputtering System

Efficient performance, compactly packaged!

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linear ion sources

Efficient performance, compactly packaged!

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Capture, understand, implement – the constant dialog with the most important impulse generators, our customers, inspires!

We are guide, specialist and implementer

INORCOAT state-of-the-art PVD equipment is a symbiosis of expertise in coating development, coating equipment and component design, and flexibility and willingness to develop customized technical and technological solutions according to the customer’s needs.

Our values:

1. Expertise

Our team has more than 30 years of experience.

2. Sustainability

Sufficiency, efficiency and consistency are our guiding principles with regard to management and technology.

3. Courage

“Courage is like change, only sooner”

4. Discipline

The idea makes the beginning, the discipline reaches the end.

5. Efficiency

Doing things right.

Romain Waidelich and Mikhail Parfenenok in a discussion.

Our mission statement:

As a coordinator and guide with decisiveness and organizational talent, we advise you in a supportive manner and provide assistance according to your target and direction specifications.

We are observers and specialists and have a wide range of knowledge in PVD material processing. We are focused on the technical and professional aspects of your task, check proposals and ideas on the economic feasibility for your unconditional benefit.

As implementers and perfectionists, we have great organizational talent, are conscientious and bring both discipline and reliability. We make sure that the plan is adhered to in every detail.

Colorful PVD

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