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PVD solutions for minting

Specialized PVD coatings and equipment


Turnkey solutions for the coin industry

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PVD system solutions for the coin industry

INORCOAT PVD coating systems offer many advantages:

  • Better service life for your embossing dies
  • High quality coatings
  • Decorative coatings for your finished coins and medals
  • New designs for dies and already minted coins

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PVD coating know-how for the coin industry

INORCOAT’s DIECOAT coatings are a series of coating formulations for the best possible minting result of your coin dies.

INORCOAT takes into account the different materials of your blanks and the individual characteristics of your production.

PVD and PECVD processes are increasingly being perceived as an alternative coating technology to conventional electroplated chrome coating technology. A ban has already been imposed in many countries, forcing manufacturers to rethink their traditional working methods.

Unlike electroplating, PVD technology is a dry and environmentally friendly process that does not produce hexavalent chromium (chromium VI).

For you and the coin industry, we have developed relevant process coatings that can be created with INORCOAT’s PVD systems.

Technical Forum 2024 - Vision for mints - Decoating dies without chemicals

Technical Forum 2023 - EURO introduction in Croatia: PVD as a coating of choice.

Technical Forum 2022 - New and innovative, high-strength, long-lasting PVD coatings

Technical Forum 2021 - Nanotechnology meets Pad Printing

Technical Forum 2020 - Preserving Beauty: Laser Structuring and PVD Coating

PVD coating technology is an environmentally friendly replacement for conventional electroplated chrome technology

Decorative coatings in the coin industry

INORCOAT offers a wide range of colors for various applications. Depending on the requirements, the coating can be applied to the finished minted coins. Here, the PVD coating can also assume a protective function.

A combination with other processes, such as pad printing technology or rainbow laser engraving allows almost unlimited creative design possibilities!

PVD Farbmöglichkeiten

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

PVD – Made compact

The economical entry into PVD coating! Excellent for individual and flexible coating of small series.

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PVD – Flexible brilliance

The MS 1000 from INORCOAT offers high performance in a small space. Different coatings and PVD variations can be implemented quickly.

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PVD system solutions for the coin industry as PDF!

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