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PVD coatings for solid carbide tools

Special PVD coating for specific applications


Economic coating solutions!

PVD coatings for your advantage


PVD coatings for indexable inserts

For higher throughput rates and better production processes!


PVD solutions for milling tools

Get more out of your milling tools!


PVD coatings for taps

Longer service life, better result!


PVD coating for drill

The perfect tool coating for your drills


PVD coating solutions for milling tools

PVD coating solutions for your milling tools


PVD coating solutions for tools


PVD wear protection coatings from INORCOAT offer enormous potential.

Depending on your specific requirements, we will work with you to develop the ideal coating for your application. With coated milling tools, you can run significantly higher cutting and feed rates and reduce machining time and costs. Due to the excellent wear resistance of the PVD coatings, the service life of the tools is significantly extended.

Stainless steels, aluminum, titanium and magnesium alloys, and hardened steels place high demands on milling tools. Special PVD coatings with low coefficient of friction and low sticking tendency significantly simplify machining.

PVD coating solutions for your milling cutters:

  • Corner milling cutter
  • Screw-in milling cutter
  • Chamfer milling cutter
  • Face milling cutter
  • End mills
  • Side milling cutters
  • Shell end mill


We offer the ideal PVD coating for your application, depending on the material and processing step.

Extend the life of the inserts of your turning tools and increase productivity. PVD coating solutions from INORCOAT reduce the coefficient of friction and decrease the tendency to stick. Drive higher cutting and feed rates and reduce machining costs.

High temperature resistant PVD coating solutions for:

  • Hard machining
  • Dry machining


Shorter machining times due to PVD wear protection coatings of their drilling tools.

INORCOAT’s broad and flexible range of coatings for the tooling industry enables the development of a special PVD formulation for your drilling application. Together with you, we perfectly adapt the coating to your respective tool geometry.

INORCOAT PVD coating solutions for your advantage:

TiN Golden yellow
TiAlN Dark gray-blue
AlTiN Blue-gray
CrN Silver
Al2O3 Black (Transparent)
CrTiAlN Light silver


PVD performance for your threading tools!

Customized PVD coating solutions from INORCOAT for maximum performance, more productivity and higher profitability.

Produce your threads faster – PVD coatings give your tools extended tool life and better performance.

INORCOAT PVD coating solutions make your threading tools faster, more efficient and more reliable.

The excellent wear resistance significantly extends the service life of the tools – more performance for:

  • Taps
  • Thread former
  • Thread milling cutter

INORCOAT PVD coating solutions for your advantage:

Material groups Coating type Hardness (HV) Layer thickness (μm) Max. Temp. (oC) Color Application
P, K, N TiN 2300 1-6 600 Golden yellow Steel and universal applications
P, M, K, N TiAlN 3300 1-3 800 Dark gray-blue Steel and universal applications
P, M, K, N, H AlTiN 3400 1-3 1100 Blue-gray High performance coating milling in stainless steel and hard machining up to HRC55
N CrN 3000 2-4 800 Silver Non-ferrous metals, aluminum, magnesium
P, M, K Al2O3 2000 1-3 1500 Black (Transparent) Steel and universal applications, gray cast iron
P, M, K, N, H CrTiAlN 2800 1-2 800 Light silver High performance coating milling in stainless steel and hard machining up to HRC65

Legend Material groups according to ISO:

P: Steel

M: Stainless steel

K: Cast iron

N: Non-ferrous metals

H: Steels with hardness between 45-65 HRc as well as chilled cast iron of approx. 400-600 HB.

PVD – Made compact

The economical entry into PVD coating! Excellent for individual and flexible coating of small series.

Learn more!Learn more!

PVD – Flexible brilliance

The MS 1000 from INORCOAT offers high performance in a small space. Different coatings and PVD variations can be implemented quickly.

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PVD – Allround Talent!

Very accessible workspace and great versatility make the MS 1400 an exceptional athlete with many talents!

Learn more!Learn more!

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