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Your PVD coating from INORCOAT

We develop and coat according to your requirements!


R&D of customized PVD coatings

We develop the perfect PVD coating for you!


Your PVD coating from INORCOAT

We coat according to your requirements!


INORCOAT PVD coatings - your advantage!

We are your partner when it comes to developing your PVD coating and the associated process.

We give you access to our pilot and test coating facilities as well as our high-end measurement and testing equipment to provide proof of concept. We shorten the time to design and manufacture the most economical and efficient PVD production process.

We build your system and ramp up production, we are also happy to take over your coating production.


We develop your PVD coating!

The INORCOAT PVD development laboratory works with state-of-the-art PVD systems, measurement and control systems to develop customized solutions.

PVD Research & Development

INORCOAT PVD job coating

Your partner for the perfect PVD coating

With our modern and flexible on-site PVD equipment, we offer medium to high volume production for a variety of products and applications.

PVD Service



We draw our wealth of ideas from the synergy between PVD specialists with many years of experience, a broad network to universities and colleges, and junior staff with solid technical and scientific basic knowledge.

Capture, understand, implement – the constant dialog with the most important impulse generators, our customers, inspires!