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PVD coating systems for tablet tools

High performance coatings for tabletting punches


Nanotech PVD tool coatings

PVD surface coatings for tabletting tools


PVD coating solutions for tablet tools

Ideal layers for many challenges


PVD coating solutions for tablet tools

The standard INORCOAT coating portfolio for your tabletting tools:

Tool coating with improved functional properties

PVD coating solutions from INORCOAT improve the performance and increase the longevity of your tabletting tools.
Many common tabletting problems such as sticking, picking and increased corrosion can be minimized or even eliminated with an optimized PVD coating. In our coating center we have developed a range of coating solutions for tabletting tools that provides a basis for your specific challenge.

PVD solutions for your specific tabletting requirement

Innovative INORCOAT coating solutions to meet your needs – whether you need improved product output or increased wear resistance, one of our many coating options is sure to meet your requirements.

Your advantage:

  • Better service life for your tabletting tools
  • Optimized coatings for reduced wear and stickiness
  • Chrome-free PVD coating solutions
  • New design possibilities through alternative PVD coatings

Innovation Drivers:

Tabletting tools are the high performers of the tabletting line and the entire process. The specified PVD coating of the tabletting tools, however, ensures significant efficiency increases in your production by optimizing the corrosion protection and the adhesion tendency. This creates longer tool life, lower maintenance requirements and reduced spare parts costs.

Novel PVD coatings from INORCOAT enable greater attention to detail and also provide an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional Cr-based electroplated coatings.

Example of an INORCOAT DLC layer with a Ti adhesion layer
Optimized PVD coatings of tablet tools for various challenges and tasks.

Modern, high-performance and customized coating solutions

PVD coating solutions from INORCOAT can cover numerous use cases in your pharmaceutical production. The various properties of your products, such as thermolability, which takes the form of stickiness on the plunger and segment, or coarse-grained and hard products that are abrasive and promote wear. PVD coatings are the right choice for stable production in many cases and challenges.

PVD coating technology is an environmentally friendly replacement for conventional electroplated chrome technology

PVD – Made compact

The economical entry into PVD coating! Excellent for individual and flexible coating of small series.

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PVD – Flexible brilliance

The MS 1000 from INORCOAT offers high performance in a small space. Different coatings and PVD variations can be implemented quickly.

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PVD – Allround Talent!Very accessible workspace and great versatility make the MS 1400 an exceptional athlete with many talents!

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