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PVD coating systems for the printing industry

PVD solutions for high security document and banknote printing

PVD coating know-how for the printing industry

The PVD and PECVD processes are increasingly perceived as an alternative coating technology to the conventional electroplated chromium coating technology. A ban has already been imposed in many countries, forcing manufacturers to rethink their classic way of working.

Unlike electroplating, PVD technology is a dry and environmentally friendly process that does not produce hexavalent chromium (chromium VI).

The special feature of the INORCOAT coating solution for the printing industry is a completely chrome-free technology that solves the chrome VI problem in its entirety, because no chrome VI is produced during the decoating process either.

For you and the printing industry, we have developed relevant process coatings that can be created with INORCOAT’s PVD systems.

PVD Beschichtungen in der Druckindustrie.

The picture shows INORCOAT during a scientific presentation in the high security and banknote industry on the subject of PVD for sustainability with regard to chrome-free coatings.

Production plant Dar As-Sikkah for coins and banknotes of the Moroccan National Bank.

Bank Al-Maghrib invests in green technology

Bank Al-Maghrib has invested in INORCOAT’s PVD technology to apply a completely chrome-free protective coating to its printing plates.

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PVD system solutions for the banknote industry

INORCOAT PVD coating systems offer many advantages in the printing industry (Intaglio printing):

  • Better service life for your Intaglio printing plates
  • High quality coatings for nickel or brass plates
  • Chrome-free PVD coating solutions
  • New design possibilities through alternative PVD coatings

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“Cr-free coating solutions from INORCOAT are a fundamentally new approach to gravure printing, leading to a sustainable solution and ensuring a hexavalant Cr-free decoating option for gravure plates.”

Sustainable coatings in the printing industry

For coating gravure plates, INORCOAT offers various types of coating solutions that take into account the respective properties of the substrate:

  • Nickel plates
  • Laser engraved brass plates

The INORCOAT team will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your printing applications.

Microscope image of a brass pressure plate with special PVD coating.

Brass pressure plate before coating.

INORCOAT PVD coating technology is an environmentally friendly replacement for conventional electroplated chrome technology

PVD – Allround Talent!

Very accessible workspace and great versatility make the MS 1400 an exceptional athlete with many talents!

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