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PVD - Made compact



The economical entry into PVD coating!



Excellent for individual and flexible coating of small series.



Trendsetting, compact design


MS 700

Ready for the present – fit for the future

The economical entry into PVD coating! Excellent for individual and flexible coating of small series.

Your advantage:

  • Trend-setting and compact
  • All in One Design
  • Fully automated based on Siemens SCADA
  • Up to 6 magnetron sources
  • Patented design and in-house production
  • High versatility
  • High flexibility in terms of coating elements used
  • “Ready for the future” in terms of the possibility for the development of new coatings
  • Different possibilities of plasma cleaning
  • Plasma etching
  • Optional integration of a linear ion source for gentler and more intensive plasma cleaning of the substrates

Your advantage is our challenge:

The MS700 combines many innovations in an extremely compact housing. During development, we were careful to give the MS 700 an extremely compact footprint of only 1600 x 1600 mm, combining all relevant components for operation in one housing:

  1. Vacuum coating group
  2. Vacuum pump area
  3. Process gas control section
  4. Electrical section

The system was designed according to the plug and play principle, and promises a very high level of user-friendliness in terms of operation and service.

The MS 700 can be expanded to meet specific customer requirements and is also equipped for the future thanks to its modular design.

The workpiece holder is flexibly designed, and on the other hand, the multi-cathode design with our patented (magnetron) sputter sources enables individual and multi-layer PVD coatings.

Optionally, the flexible design of the MS700 allows integration of linear ion sources.

HMI – Focus on operations, ready for innovation.

Computing Control Interface „PVD Pro“

INORCAOT’s brand new software is fully automated.

Your advantages:

  • Innovative Intuitive
  • Easy to operate “Start/Stop
  • Complete machine overview and control
  • Integration of the cooling unit
  • Continuous live trends for all parameters
  • All parameters are stored in a historical archive with the possibility of export to Microsoft Excel
  • Open interface for the adjustment of the coating parameters
  • Secured by operating levels (operator, technical, service)

Innovativ Intuitiv


Dimensions (WHT):
1600 x 2200 x 1600 mm
Eff. Coating volume: Ø 250 x H 250 mm - up to H 350 mm
max. chamber size: Ø 750 x H 700 mm
Substrate holder: variable

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