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PVD coating solutions for knives and blades

PVD coatings with functional properties


Anti-reflective coatings

Black DLC coatings with special properties for an extremely fine-textured surface


PVD coating solutions for knives & blades

Knife coating with improved functional properties

PVD coating solutions from INORCOAT provide additional surface protection for blades and knives.

Since the applied coating is extremely thin, they do not change the dimensions of the blade. Depending on its composition, a PVD coating can significantly increase the wear resistance of the blade.

The finishing process also gives the blade a very special “look”.

PVD solutions for your specific requirement

Whether higher scratch resistance, improved corrosion protection or anti-reflective coatings – INORCOAT offers innovative coating solutions for your requirement!

Your advantage:

  • Higher surface hardness
  • Optimized coatings for lower friction
  • Chromium-free PVD coating solutions
  • New design possibilities through alternative PVD coatings
Black matte coated knives and blades to avoid reflections.

Anti-reflective coatings

For anti-reflective coatings, black DLC coatings with special properties are used for an extremely fine textured surface.

The knife and the blade are given new properties by the PVD coating, light absorption. The light rays are virtually “swallowed”.

Positive side effect: The coating provides excellent resistance to wear and corrosion.

PVD coating solutions for blades

INORCOAT’s low temperature PVD coating solutions are ideal for DLC coating of razor blades and cutter blades.

PVD coatings result in improved hardness of the blade and a lower coefficient of friction, this allows better gliding through the material to be cut. The wear of coated blades is lower than that of uncoated blades, and the PVD coating also protects the blade surface from corrosion and chemical decomposition.  Depending on the requirements, the adhesion of the blade flanks can also be reduced.

Your advantage:

  • Higher resistance
  • Longer service life
  • Improved blade hardness
  • Less friction
  • Less adhesion to the blade flanks
  • Outstanding appearance

The PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating provides excellent protection against wear and corrosion.

PVD – Made compact

The economical entry into PVD coating! Excellent for individual and flexible coating of small series.

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PVD – Flexible brilliance

The MS 1000 from INORCOAT offers high performance in a small space. Different coatings and PVD variations can be implemented quickly.

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PVD – Allround Talent!

Very accessible workspace and great versatility make the MS 1400 an exceptional athlete with many talents!

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