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The smooth installation of an INORCOAT MS1000 PVD coating system at a satisfied industrial customer in Germany.

Last Monday, another INORCOAT MS1000 PVD coating system left our factory, ready to tackle the challenges of surface coating. Its destination: an industrial customer in Germany who was looking for innovative solutions to expand its production capacities and improve the quality of its products at the same time.

The system arrived safely at the customer’s site on Tuesday, thanks to our efficient logistics partners and a carefully planned transportation process.

The installation began the following Thursday. Our experienced technicians worked hand in hand with the customer’s team to ensure that the system was perfectly integrated into the existing production environment.

Friday was the day: the INORCOAT MS1000 PVD coating system was ready for operation. A milestone that not only marked the completion of a project, but also the beginning of a new era of productivity and quality for our valued customer.

PVD made easy… 😉


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