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PVD Coating on Intaglio Printing Plates – The Freedom of Choice

Presentation by INORCOAT at the High Security Printing EMEA - 4-6 March 2024

Flexibility Benefits:

– Cr PVD coating
– Cr free PVD coating
– Nickel
– Brass
– Steel
– No Cr(VI)

PVD chrome coating

Chrome coating using INORCOAT‘s PVD technology is a purely physical process. These coatings are a high performance, non-hazardous and REACH compliant option for hard chrome. Coatings based on the principle of physical vapor deposition offer many similar properties and are even superior to hard chrome.

+ Physical process
+ No formation of harmful gases
+ No Cr(VI)
+ No waste materials

Chromium-free PVD coatings

The unique coatings by INORCOAT are a high-performance, non-hazardous and REACH-compliant alternative for hard chrome. INORCOAT‘s PVD coating solutions offer many similar attributes to hard chrome, for example, and are even superior in direct comparison.

+ Physical process
+ No formation of harmful gases
+ No Cr(VI)
+ No waste materials

The release of hexavalent chromium, Cr(VI) for short, a carcinogen that is formed during classic chrome plating and also decoating and is the most harmful oxidation stage of chromium, poses high health risks for employees as well as far-reaching environmental hazards.

Chromium is therefore subject to very strict regulations in important markets worldwide. In the EU, Cr(VI) is covered by the REACH regulation. In the USA, too, chromium is strictly regulated by the federal OSHA agency, which is responsible for health and safety.

The INORCOAT PVD development center has been working for some time on chrome-free coating solutions for the coin and printing industry with comparable or even better properties than chrome coatings.

INORCOAT‘s holistic approach is not only concerned with the environmentally friendly use of resources and the avoidance of toxic waste materials during the PVD coating of components and workpieces, but also includes the temporarily necessary decoating.


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