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INORCOAT Messe & Konferenz

Coins & medals – Nanotechnology meets pad printing

The topic of INORCOAT and Teca-Print AG for the 17. Technical Forum at the World Money Fair, 25 March 2021 in Berlin.

The full presentation ist online!


Romain Waidelich, CEO of INORCOAT: „Passion for PVD“
Daniel Fahl, CEO of Teca-Print AG: „We colour your World“

Combining Technologies!

PVD Decorative Coatings:
– PVD is a physical process
– Endless possibilities in coating characteristics
– Widely used in decorative applications
– Environmental friendly technology

Pad Printing:
– Pad printing is a flexible printing process
– Highly precise in an impressive resolution
– Bright colors

The aim:
– Combination of technologies opens new possibilities regarding overall design of coins.
– Nearly endless possibilities of design.

Video by Thilo von Grafenstein



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