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INORCOAT invest in Zeiss SEM

#Inorcoat is happy to announce the arrival of our latest laboratory device, a #Zeiss Leo SEM, which will strenghten our in-house #thinfilm characterisation and also expand our laboratory service to our customers. #Inorcoat is also happy to announce a new partnership with Paul Rossi, former Head of the central scientific facility for #Xraydiffraction at the #MaxPlanckInstitute for Intelligent Systems and nowadays owner of XRD Labor, giving us the possibility to use and offer to our customers XRD difractometer analysis for #thinfilm developments.

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HSP EMEA Conference

INORCOAT presented newest PVD plating technology for intaglio printing plates

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INORCOAT has been presenting newest #thinfilms developments for the protective coating of #intaglio printing plates showing the benefit of applying composite coating for this specific application.
The Patent pending solution will help the security printing industry to make a step more in the motivation of making industrial production more environmental free. #PVD technology is a proven green and state of the art technology to substitute various galvanic process in a lot of production processes.
Together with our expert Prof. Martin Andritschky we are pleased to support you in the integration of such new solution.

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