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Minting industrywe are experts

INORCOAT and his team is partner and consultant for the minting industry. Due to the extensive experience, the understanding of security aspects and finally ,due to our dedication to this industry, INORCOAT is able to provide PVD coating solutions for various applications and can advise how to achieve best results on a global approach.

“Ask our experts for a dedicated and comprehensive consulting in minting applications”

Coating of minting diestools

PVD and PECVD is getting more and more known as an alternative platting technology to substitute the conventional electroplatting Chrome technology. A ban has been already pronounced in many countries, forcing the producers to rethink their classical working approach.

In contrast to the chrome electroplating, the PVD is a dry and environmentally clean process which doesn’t generate any hexavalent chrome (chrome VI).

INORCOAT experts are pleased to support you in the implantation of modern PVD technologies within your factory.


INORCOAT provides various types of PVD coating solutions for the coating of minting dies, taking into account their respective characteristics:

  • Tool steels
  • Types of blanks
  • Quality aspects
  • Designs
  • others

The INORCOAT team will be pleased to consult you to find the best fit for your minting applications.

DIECOAT CR is a Cr based PVD coating for good overall performance for nearly all blank materials.

DIECOAT CR is a Ti based PVD coating for good overall performance for nearly all blank materials.

NUMICOAT is a specific PVD Coating for soft metals and alloys.

CIRCUCOAT is a TI based superelastic coating for a wide range of blank materials. It can also be used for numismatic products, but has been developed mainly for long lasting performance in the circulation coins application.

CIRCUCOAT Cu-Ni achieves best results on Cu-Ni and Ni platted blanks.

CIRCUCOAT NOR-BRA is a dedicated coating for nordic gold and brass blanks.

Turnkey solutionsminting

INORCOAT provides complete turn key solutions for the minting industry.

This includes:

Cleaning lines
Laboratory equipments
Dedicated part holder solutions

Please ask our experts, they will be pleased to support you in finding the appropriated solutions fitting your needs.

Colour Coatingscoins

INORCOAT offer different PVD technologies to apply decorative colour coatings on coins, pendants, and other products.

The chosen technologies are:

  • Magnetron sputtering
  • PECVD (DLC coatings)
  • Ion beam sputtering


INORCOAT offers a wide range of colours for various application. A combination of pad printing and PVD Coating is possible depending on the requirements.

Anti Tarnishing CoatingsNumismatics / Bullion

Together with partners, INORCOAT offers a solid anti-tarnishing CVD coating solutions for numismatic and bullion coins (gold/silver). The proven technique is easy to integrate, has a fast processing time and is very operator friendly.

The system is completely computer controlled and automatized.

Feel free to contact us for further information.