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Coins & medals – Nanotechnology meets pad printing

The topic of INORCOAT and Teca-Print AG for the 17. Technical Forum at the World Money Fair, 25 March 2021 in Berlin.

The full presentation ist online!

Romain Waidelich, CEO of INORCOAT: „Passion for PVD“
Daniel Fahl, CEO of Teca-Print AG: „We colour your World“

Combining Technologies!

PVD Decorative Coatings:
– PVD is a physical process
– Endless possibilities in coating characteristics
– Widely used in decorative applications
– Environmental friendly technology

Pad Printing:
– Pad printing is a flexible printing process
– Highly precise in an impressive resolution
– Bright colors

The aim:
– Combination of technologies opens new possibilities regarding overall design of coins.
– Nearly endless possibilities of design.

Video by Thilo von Grafenstein

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INORCOAT is part of the 17th technical forum of the wmf

Together with Teca-Print we will present you on the 25 march 2021 new developments combining #PVD #thinfilms #nanotechnologyy) and pad printing.

Stay tuned…

INORCOAT is a PVD equipment manufacturer providing #thinfilm solutions for the minting industry. Beside of the coating of tools, like minting / coining dies, we provide also solutions for the banknote printing industry.
INORCOAT is the PVD coating solution provider for the cash manufacturing industry.

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INORCOAT participates to the special PSE 2020 in Erfurt

Inorcoat is happy to participate to the #Special PSE 2020 organised by the European Society of Thin Films.

Beside of having our own both, we are happy to present our latest developments on thinfilms together with the University of Minho – Portugal.

The Event will take place in Erfurt – Germany between the 07-10 of September 2020.

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INORCOAT invest in Zeiss SEM

#Inorcoat is happy to announce the arrival of our latest laboratory device, a #Zeiss Leo SEM, which will strenghten our in-house #thinfilm characterisation and also expand our laboratory service to our customers. #Inorcoat is also happy to announce a new partnership with Paul Rossi, former Head of the central scientific facility for #Xraydiffraction at the #MaxPlanckInstitute for Intelligent Systems and nowadays owner of XRD Labor, giving us the possibility to use and offer to our customers XRD difractometer analysis for #thinfilm developments.

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HSP EMEA Conference

INORCOAT presented newest PVD plating technology for intaglio printing plates

#hspconf #hspemea #highsecurityprinting #securedocuments #Inorcoat #greenintaglio #PVD #Coating #thinfilms #materialscience #PVDcoatings

INORCOAT has been presenting newest #thinfilms developments for the protective coating of #intaglio printing plates showing the benefit of applying composite coating for this specific application.
The Patent pending solution will help the security printing industry to make a step more in the motivation of making industrial production more environmental free. #PVD technology is a proven green and state of the art technology to substitute various galvanic process in a lot of production processes.
Together with our expert Prof. Martin Andritschky we are pleased to support you in the integration of such new solution.

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High security priting Lisbone

INORCOAT AT HSP EMEA 2020 in Lisbone

#inorcoat is pleased to participate at the HSP EMEA in Lisbon from the 09.03.2020 – 11.03.2020. Beside of presenting our dedicated PVD equipment solution, we will speak the 11.03.2020 together with University of Minho and Prof. Martin Andritschky about our latest patent pending coating development dedicated to intaglio printing. #hspconf #hspemea #highsecurityprinting #securedocuments #inorcoat #PVD #intaglioprinting #cashmatters #greenintaglio

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World Money Fair 2020 – Berlin

The #INORCOAT team want to thank all visitors having visited us on our booth.
See you in 2021…!

#technicalforum #WMF2020 #WMFBerlin #Preservingbeauty #rainboweffect #coins #pvdcoatings #pvd #coatings #berlin

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